Tuition, Financial Aid, and Finances

At Indiana University, making education accessible and affordable is important to us.

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Indiana University strives to provide affordable online programs. Here you'll find information about tuition and financial aid for IU’s online programs, as well as resources you can use to help you manage your finances.


Tuition is determined by the campus offering your class(es). For cost estimates, contact the bursars office at the campus offering your class(es).


Indiana University charges a distance education fee of $30 per credit hour to support online education throughout the university. 

The distance education fee is charged on all classes that are delivered completely online with few, if any, required on-campus meetings. At IU, these classes are identified in search results with a mode of instruction of “100% Online All” or “76–99% Online.”

Please note that individual campuses may also charge a distance education fee to support campus-specific efforts to improve online education. At the regional IU campuses (IU East, IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, IU South Bend, and IU Southeast) this is a standardized fee of $20 per credit hour. This means that a student registering for an online class at a regional campus pays a total distance education fee of $50 per credit hour.

The $30 per credit hour university distance education fee mentioned above supports a variety of essential online activities, including the following:

  • state authorizations of IU’s online programs
  • a call center and website for prospective online students
  • development and delivery of new online programs 
  • instructional design and development services for faculty creating new online courses
  • data management to remain compliant with federal and state laws, to support grant applications and administration, and to respond to ranking surveys
  • quality assurance for online courses
  • marketing and recruitment
  • student services for online students

To learn more about fees, contact the bursars office at the campus offering your class.

Online Course Refund Policy

If you are an online student and you currently reside in Indiana, contact the bursar's office at the campus offering the course for more information about online course refund policies.

If you are an online student and you currently reside in a state other than Indiana, you may be subject to state-specific refund policies. Contact for more information.

Financial Aid

Online classes are treated the same as on-campus classes when it comes to financial aid. However, whether or not you qualify for federal financial aid is determined by factors such as total hours of enrollment and income. We recommend that you check with the financial aid office of the appropriate campus when making decisions regarding financial aid.


The Indiana University College Affordability Initiative offers a number of resources to help you manage your finances and pay for your education.