Indiana University offers hundreds of online classes.

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Whether you want to pick up an extra class, take summer classes at home, explore a new subject, or add flexibility to your class schedule, an online class is a great option. Indiana University offers hundreds of online classes that are open to both current IU students and the general public.

Here are a few things you should know before signing up for an online class:

  • You access your course content and materials through the Canvas learning management system.
  • Online classes are typically semester based, with designated start and end dates.
  • Online classes typically have deadlines for assignments, projects, and exams.
  • Online classes carry the same credit as on-campus classes.
  • An online class may require you to take an exam in the presence of an approved proctor.

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Need Help?

To learn more about how to search and register for classes, check out the slideshow and the written instructions below:

Getting Started

Beginning your search is simple. You can search directly from the IU Online site,, by going to the 'Classes' tab on the menu at the top of the page.

From there, if you select 'Search Classes' you will see a menu such as the example above. You can make your search as broad or specific as you need, but we suggest, at minimum, filling out the 'semester' and putting in a keyword for a subject such as "statistics" or even "stats." There is also the enhanced search if you need other specific options.

Need More Info?

If you've found a class you're interested in, you can use the One.IU public class search to find additional information, such as what time the class meets and the course description.

You do not have to fill out every field, but at minimum you must select the 'Institution' (the campus), the 'Term', the 'Course Career', the 'Subject', and the 'Mode of Instruction' as highlighted above.


Once you've found a class you want to take, you need to register for it with the campus offering the course. For example, if you want to register for a physics course at IU East, you must register with IU East.

Check out the full guide here.