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Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging Technology

To start the BS in Medical Imaging Technology, you must have certification in radiography (ARRT), nuclear medicine (ARRT or NMTCB), sonography (ARRT or ARDMS), or radiation therapy (ARRT).

Program Description

To graduate with the BS in Medical Imaging Technology, you must complete a total of 120 semester credit hours. You will gain knowledge and skills in the following core areas:

  • Explain the basic imaging principles for a variety of imaging modalities
  • Compare and contrast the various modalities in terms of radiation sources, uses, and safety
  • Discuss the history of the medical imaging profession
  • Analyze new uses and new procedures in medical imaging

Medical Imaging Technology Principles (3 credit hours)

Required Courses

RADS-R405 Advanced Diagnostic Imaging I
RADI-R451 Medical Imaging Theory I

Medical Imaging Technology Procedures (3 credit hours)

Required Courses

RADS-R406 Advanced Diagnostic Imaging II
RADI-R453 Medical Imaging Theory II

  • Identify anatomical structures of the head, thorax, abdomen, and extremities
  • Describe relationships of structures to one another
  • Discuss the different appearance of anatomy from one modality to another

Required Courses

AHLT-R404 Sectional Imaging Anatomy
RADI-R404 Multiplanar Anatomy for MIT
RADS-R404 Sectional Imaging Anatomy

  • Explain the different disease states that are seen or treated within the field of radiology
  • Determine which radiologic procedures are used in the diagnosis and treatment of various disease states
  • Analyze how physicians use patient data and images for use in patient case management

Required Courses

AHLT-R414 Sectional Imaging Pathology
RADS-R414 Sectional Imaging Pathology
RADI-R452 Multiplanar Imaging Pathology

  • Demonstrate computer skills needed to perform a literature search
  • Formulate a research question
  • Research a selected topic
  • Use a variety of multi-media tools to produce images for presentations and posters
  • Disseminate scientific information in a professional quality poster and research paper
  • Investigate the basic tenets of human subjects research
  • Explain patient’s right to privacy regarding their medical data

Required Courses (two options)

Option 1: Archival and Human Subject Research

RADI-R456 MIT Projects I
RADI-R457 MIT Projects II

Option 2: Advanced Study and Applied Research in Medical Imaging

**Complete R409 and either R407 or R408**

AHLT-R407 Seminar in Medical Imaging
AHLT-R408 Topics in Radiologic Sciences
RADS-R408 Topics in Medical Imaging
AHLT-R409 Project in Medical Imaging
AHLT-R409 Sr Project in MIT
RADS-R409 Sr Project in MIT