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Online courses and online programs are subject to regulations that on-campus courses and programs have not traditionally been concerned about. Regulating bodies include the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, the Higher Learning Commission, some discipline-specific accrediting bodies, and a number of federal agencies, including the Department of Education, Department of Veterans Affairs, and Department of Homeland Security. Violation of these regulations can result in serious consequences for the university.

For this reason, IU, through the Office of Online Education, has developed a set of policies and practices designed to ensure that the university is in compliance with these regulations. These include proper identification and coding of online and partially-online courses and programs, and accurate recording of students in online programs. For more information on coding of courses and programs, contact your campus registrar.

The Office of Online Education has worked diligently to obtain authorization from other states to offer our programs to their residents. OOE provides the information to state regulating agencies and pays the associated fees for authorization. Currently, IU is authorized to offer online programs in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.