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Analog Audio Electronics

Undergraduate Certificate

As the demand for a technologically-trained labor force continues to increase, there's a need to provide training in audio electronics to students studying video, film, or media production, as well as those in fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, informatics, and computer science.

The IU Online Undergraduate Certificate in Analog Audio Electronics delivers a unique curriculum not available at most other universities. The undergraduate certificate program gives non-recording arts major students the opportunity to enhance their skills. The certificate also serves professionals working in media production who seek additional training. Curriculum topics include electricity, magnetism, circuit components, circuit devices, system design and operation, maintenance of audio equipment, and studio maintenance.

Your IU Online Undergraduate Certificate in Analog Audio Electronics prepares you for such careers as:

  • Audio engineer 
  • Audio-visual technician  
  • Audio archivist 
  • Broadcast technician 
  • Sound engineer technician 
  • Corporate sound specialist 
  • Sound designer 
  • Forensic audio specialist 
  • Production assistant  

Certificate Requirements

To earn the Undergraduate Certificate in Analog Audio Electronics, you must complete 12 credit hours, taken in a sequence of four electronics courses: Electronics I, II, III, and IV.

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MUS-A 111Electronics I3 Credits
MUS-A 112Electronics II3 Credits
MUS-A 211Electronics III3 Credits
MUS-A 212Electronics IV3 Credits

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