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Events Management

Undergraduate Certificate

*Courses for this certificate programs are offered both online and on campus. Please check the current course listings for online availability.

The Events Management Certificate allows you to select courses pertaining to a wide array of events management careers.

As a student in the program, you complete 19 credit hours of course work. Topics include convention and meeting management, special event management, sports events management, meeting planning logistics, convention and meeting sales, exhibit marketing, international meeting planning, and nonprofit meeting management. You also complete an internship in events management.

Upon successful completion of the certificate, you will be prepared for careers with an event planning company or in industries needing experts in planning corporate events.


  • TCEM-C 387Industry Internship1 Credits
  • TCEM-E 104Principles of Event Management3 Credits
  • TCEM-E 304Mechanics of Event Planning 3 Credits
  • TCEM-E 404Event Production3 Credits
  • JOUR-J 431Public Relations for Nonprofits3 Credits
  • MSTD-A 101 Understanding Museums3 Credits
  • OLS-42300Go Green3 Credits
  • PHST-P 301The History of and Contemporary Approaches to Philanthropy3 Credits
  • SPEA-V 221Nonprofit and Volunteer Sector 3 Credits
  • SPEA-V 362Nonprofit Management and Leadership3 Credits
  • TCEM-E 210Special Event Management3 Credits
  • TCEM-E 219Management of Sports Events3 Credits
  • TCEM-E 377Exhibit Marketing3 Credits
  • TCEM-E 471International Meeting Planning3 Credits
  • TCEM-E 477Non-profit Meeting Management3 Credits
  • TCEM-G 299Special Topics in Tourism: Wedding Industry3 Credits
  • TCEM-H 371Convention Sales and Service3 Credits
  • TCEM-T 234Cultural Heritage Tourism3 Credits
  • TCEM-T 329Tourism Sports Marketing3 Credits

Tuition & Fees

Cost for Indiana Residents
  • Per Credit Hour
  • Tuition: $275.17
  • 3 Credit Hours
  • Tuition: $825.51
Cost for Out of State Residents
  • Per Credit Hour
  • Tuition: $957.58
  • 3 Credit Hours
  • Tuition: $2872.74

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