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Public Management - IUPUI

Graduate Certificate

The IUPUI Graduate Certificate in Public Management is designed to be flexible enough to be adapted to the needs of pre-career and in-service individuals. Graduate students in other disciplines can use the program to supplement their primary fields with coursework in public management, possibly using the certificate courses as part or all of a graduate degree minor. Career employees of public and private-sector agencies seeking courses in public management, and especially those changing from professional or technical roles to managerial roles, also find this certificate program beneficial.

As a student in the program, you take core courses in public management, public finance and budgeting, and public human resource management, as well as two additional O'Neill elective courses.

Your IUPUI Graduate Certificate in Public Management prepares you for such careers as:

  • Community service manager 
  • Public relations specialist
  • Civil service administrator 
  • Local government officer 
  • City manager 
  • Urban planner 
  • Public housing specialist 
  • Project manager 

Certificate Requirements

To earn the Graduate Certificate in Public Management, you must complete 15 credit hours.

Requirements are broken down as follows:

  • Public management core courses (12 credit hours) 
  • O'Neill elective course (3 credit hours) 

NOTE: You must apply to the graduate certificate program as a degree-seeking student. Applications from non-degree students are not accepted.

If you choose to pursue the IU Online Master of Public Affairs, these certificate courses may apply to your degree requirements. Completion of the certificate program does not guarantee admission to the graduate program.


    To be accepted to this program, you must have:
    1. A bachelor's degree

    NOTE: This program is authorized, exempt, or not subject to state regulatory compliance and may enroll students from all 50 states
    To apply to this program:

    Complete an online application that includes:

    • Transcripts
    • Resume
    • Personal statement 


    • Select four core courses: Credits
    • SPEA-V 502Public Management3 Credits
    • SPEA-V 512 Public Policy Process 3 Credits
    • SPEA-V 547 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution 3 Credits
    • SPEA-V 560Public Finance and Budgeting3 Credits
    • SPEA-V 561Public Human Resource Management3 Credits
    • SPEA-V 566Executive Leadership 3 Credits
    • SPEA-V 652 Managing Work Force Diversity in Public Organizations 3 Credits
    • SPEA-V 511 Collaborative Governance 3 Credits
    • SPEA-V 513 Managing Change and Organizational Development 3 Credits

    Tuition & Fees

    Cost for Indiana Residents
    • Per Credit Hour
    • Tuition: $456.00
    • 3 Credit Hours
    • Tuition: $1368.00
    Cost for Out of State Residents
    • Per Credit Hour
    • Tuition: $1207.00
    • 3 Credit Hours
    • Tuition: $3621.00

    Additional fees will apply.

    -This program is eligible for financial aid at IUPUI. 

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