Tuition, Financial Aid, and Finances

Indiana University strives to offer affordable online programs and to provide the resources and support you need to navigate this part of your educational journey. Here you'll find information about financial aid and costs for IU's online programs, as well as tools you can use to help you manage your finances.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are assessed based on the number of credits that you take each term, so your costs can vary from semester to semester. Costs can also vary based on your academic program, your residency status, and the specific courses that you take.

To find additional tuition information, visit the home page for your program of interest. Additional details about fees, including the Distance Education Fee can be found by visiting the Office of the Bursar at your campus of enrollment.

Online Course Refund Policy

If you are an online student and you currently reside in Indiana, contact the bursar's office at the campus offering the course for more information about online course refund policies. If you are an online student and you currently reside in a state other than Indiana, you may be subject to state-specific refund policies. Contact for more information.

Financial Aid

Financing your education is a crucial part of your success as a student. There are a number of different financial aid resources that you can consider to help fund your studies with IU Online. Students enrolled in our undergraduate and graduate degree programs can explore financial aid opportunities to help cover their costs, including scholarships, grants, and student loans. Many students also take advantage of military benefits or employer tuition assistance. Financial aid packages are often a combination of many types of aid, and we encourage you to consider all resources to help make your education as affordable as possible.

You can apply for most forms of federal, state, and institutional aid by submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year. The FAFSA can be completed online at You can file your FAFSA before you apply or are admitted to an IU Online program. Once you're officially admitted into your academic program, our financial aid experts will begin the process of reviewing your financial aid information and determining your eligibility.

Faculty and staff at IU can use the IU Employee Tuition Benefit to help cover the costs of their online courses or degree program. Your benefit amount would vary based on your program and campus of enrollment. You can find full details about the benefit as well as award amounts at

To learn more about financial aid opportunities for IU Online degree programs, visit the financial aid office or scholarship office of your campus of enrollment. If you're considering a certificate program, contact to learn more about financial aid options.

Money Management

There's more to being a student than just tuition and fees. IU Online has tools to help you evaluate and plan for your other expenses, develop your financial management skills, and make informed decisions about student borrowing.

Whether you're stressed with your finances right now or just want to get a head start on planning your financial future, IU MoneySmarts can teach you to be smart about finances. From podcasts to calculators to individual online meetings with a student or staff member, MoneySmarts has all the resources you need to be a finance master.

We're also here for you as you start reviewing your funding options. Do you know what money you have available to cover your costs? How much money will you need? The budget balancer will help you evaluate your personal educational budget and make a financial success plan. Are your expenses more than your available resources? Consider applying for additional aid or looking for ways to cut your costs. Do you have more resources than expenses? Consider reducing your loan amounts or saving money for later. Steps you take now can help minimize your overall debt and maximize your ability to afford your loan repayment.

More Information

Want to learn more about your options?

For general questions about the financial aid process or student financial services available through IU Online, contact For specific questions about your personal financial situation, visit our Campus Contact page and contact the campus offering your program.