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Public Health, Global Health Leadership, DrPH

Doctor Of Public Health

The field of global health addresses the challenging and complex public health problems facing the world today.

The IU Online Doctoral Program in Global Health Leadership (DrPH) is a three-year, cohort-based distance education program with a global curriculum, global faculty, and global network. Coursework is applicable whether you live and work in Indiana, the US, or anywhere in the world. The faculty includes both US-based and international faculty based in other parts of the world. The program leverages relationships with other schools and programs, including opportunities to collaborate with faculty and scholars around the world.

The target audience is mid- to senior-level professionals anywhere in the world who are working full-time in organizations in which they have the ability to influence the health of populations. We seek scholars from a wide range of backgrounds, including nonprofit and for-profit health care settings, NGOs, nonprofit organizations, pharma, government agencies, ministries of health, and foundations, as well as nontraditional settings.

Successful applicants will, at minimum, have strong academic records, a master's degree (not necessarily in public health), and leadership experience in positions with substantial management responsibility in varied public health settings. We admit scholars into two separate cohorts each year depending on level of experience. Mid- to senior-level practitioners with at least several years of experience post master's degree in positions with substantial management responsibility comprise an advanced cohort of 12-15 scholars. A second cohort of up to 25 scholars who are more junior, with at least a few years of experience post master's degree in positions with substantial management responsibility, comprise a cohort of emerging leaders. For both cohorts, we seek individuals who aspire to practice-oriented careers and leadership roles in organizations in which they can have maximum influence on the public's health. 

As a student in this three-year, cohort-based distance education program, you take classes via real-time internet video, meet your classmates face to face three times a year in year 1 and year 2, and complete your dissertation or field-based, culminating project in year 3. You cultivate leadership skills through diverse experiences and exposure to a wide range of perspectives. You learn experientially, through highly interactive debates and discussions.

The IU Online Doctoral Program in Global Health Leadership (DrPH) prepares you for top positions in government agencies, foundations, non-governmental organizations, not-for-profit or for-profit organizations, and health ministries, including positions such as:

  • Chief executive officer 
  • President
  • Agency commissioner/secretary
  • Executive director 

Degree Requirements

To graduate with the DrPH in Global Health Leadership, you must complete 45 credit hours.

Requirements are broken down as follows:

  • Leadership courses (15 credit hours) 
  • Public health courses (7 credit hours) 
  • Research courses (14 credit hours)
  • Dissertation or field-based, culminating project courses (9 credit hours) 


To be accepted to this program, you must have:
  1. Master's degree or doctorate degree
  2. 3.0 GPA or above on a 4.0 scale

NOTE: This program is authorized, exempt, or not subject to state regulatory compliance and may enroll students from all 50 states

To apply to this program:

Complete an online application that includes:

  • Transcripts
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose and objectives
  • Resume 

All finalists for admission to the DrPH program will be interviewed via distance by representatives of the admissions committee. 


PBHL-H 755Organizational Leadership Theory and Practice2 Credits
PBHL-H 756Leadership in Global Health Law and Ethics2 Credits
PBHL-H 757A Population Perspective for Global Health1 Credit
PBHL-H 758Initiating the Research Process1 Credit
PBHL-H 759Leadership in Global Health Systems2 Credits
PBHL-H 760Essentials of Practice-based Research2 Credits
PBHL-H 761Literature Review & Appraisal2 Credits
PBHL-H 762The Science of Global Health Implementation2 Credits
PBHL-H 763Leadership Challenges in Global Health Informatics2 Credits
PBHL-A 765Financing Global Health3 Credits
PBHL-H 766Fundamentals of Research Analysis3 Credits
PBHL-H 767Executive Communication for Global Health Leaders2 Credits
PBHL-H 768Global Health Policy Analysis and Advocacy2 Credits
PBHL-H 769Strategic Theory and Practice in Global Health Leadership2 Credits
PBHL-A 770Marketing and Public Relations for Global Health Leaders2 Credits
PBHL-A 771Program Evaluation for Global Health Leaders2 Credits
PBHL-A 777Dissertation or Field Project Preparation and Planning1 Credit
PBHL-A 778Dissertation or Field Project Preparation and Planning II1 Credit
PBHL-A 805Doctoral Dissertation or Field Project3 Credits

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Tuition & Fees

Cost for Indiana Residents
  • Per Credit Hour
  • Tuition: $690.00
  • 3 Credit Hours
  • Tuition: $2070.00
Note:  Additional fees will apply.
Cost for Out of State Residents
  • Per Credit Hour
  • Tuition: $1500.00
  • 3 Credit Hours
  • Tuition: $4500.00
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