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Accelerated programs

IU Online programs with accelerated courses

IU Online students have rich, demanding lives and seek a world-class education they can earn on their own schedule. Our accelerated programs with six and eight-week courses are expertly designed to give you the flexibility you need.


Need a valued credential quickly? Our accelerated programs are for you.

  • Specially chosen, high-demand programs
  • Career-relevant fields, with content and skills employers value
  • Multiple enrollments dates, with classes starting in January, March, May, June, August, and October
  • Efficient scheduling, with courses you can finish in six or eight weeks instead of 16
  • High-value content, plus consistent course design that make learning relevant and friction free
  • Ability to focus on a more limited number of topics per session
  • Upskilling badges and microcredentials to advance in the marketplace
  • Just-in-time onboarding, advising, and success coaching

Available now, with more programs on the way