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Representative Faculty

Ron Itnyre

Faculty Name

Ron Itnyre is senior lecturer in biology at IU East, and director of the IU East Office of Sustainability. He earned his PhD in plant biology at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, and has taught at IU East since 2009. His teaching interests include microbiology and immunology, biological sciences, environmental sciences, and evolution. Under his leadership the IU East Sustainability Council was converted into the Office of Sustainability, under the auspices of the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs.

Representative courses: Environmental Science, Introductory Biology and Microbiology

“My students want to learn about the natural world so they can make a difference. These are highly motivated, good students. I am happy to be able to pull them together not from just around East Central Indiana for an in-person class but from all the regional campuses and from all around the US. This diversity is crucial if we are going to address climate change effectively.”

Erin Argyilan

Erin Argyilan

Erin Argyilan is professor and department chair of the geosciences department at IU Northwest. She received her PhD from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is a Leadership Fellow at the National Center for Science and Civic Engagement. Her interests include geomorphological mapping, physical geography, and luminescence dating. She has published papers on the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Lake Michigan shorelines, the Upper Great Lakes, water quality and modeling, and street sediments and environmental concerns.

Representative course: Environmental Conservation.

“In my approach to teaching, I focus on the three tenants of online teaching – helping students engage with content, with the instructor, and with classmates. Being able to offer a course online and across the regional campuses of IU provides an essential opportunity to create an environment where we share, and benefit from, the diverse natural environments, socioeconomic environments, experiences, and perspectives of our class community.”

Neil Sabine

Neal Sabine

Neil Sabine is associate professor of biology at IU East in the School of Natural Science and Mathematics. He received a PhD in zoology from Brigham Young University. Among his research interests are the roosting and foraging behavior of turkey vultures in east central Indiana and the relationship between student learning environments and their academic performance. Among his awards are the Frederic Bachman Lieber Award, the University Trustees Award for Excellence in Teaching, and the IU East Student-Choice Outstanding Teacher Award.

“What defines my teaching is exploration over explanation. We all are exploring the unknowns of our future using the explanations of our past. Adequate explanations tend to stifle exploration. Students are drawn to explore areas of study where they believe explanations fall short of the mark.”


Samples of Major Requirement CoursesCredits
AHLT-H 331Environmental Health3 Credits
ENG-W 270Argumentative Writing3 Credits
GEOG-G 107Physical Systems of the Environment3 Credits
GEOG-G 114Global Environmental Changes3 Credits
GEOG-G 320Population Geography3 Credits
GEOG-G 337Computer Cartography and Graphics3 Credits
GEOG-G 478Global Change, Food, and Farming Systems3 Credits
SUST-C 330Scientific Foundations in Sustainability3 Credits
SUST-C 350Sustainability in the Arts and Humanities3 Credits
SUST-C 490Capstone in Sustainability3 Credits
SUST-S 201Foundations of Sustainability3 Credits
SUST-S 491Internship in Sustainability3 Credits
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